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#1 source for Facility Management and Professional Business Solutions.

We surpass the competition not only price but in expertise, innovation, and value.


We deliver solutions for your facility needs. Vargas Group Inc. is a single, reliable, and bundled service for your entire portfolio. We commonly provide engineering, janitorial, energy, sustainability, sourcing, and project management services. Our broad set of skills and experience enable our team to provide quality solutions.

Our Services

Janitorial & Facilities Management

Combining award-winning methods with more than 17 years of consistent, innovative facility service cleaning experience.

Contract Management

We provide your business with the expertise, know-how, and procedures to help you get started in the government-contracting arena.

Contracted Teaming

Our Government Contracts Division teams up with your business to provide comprehensive contract management services.

Ground Transportation

We have been providing Ground Transportation Services in partnership with SP Plus since September 2012.

Our Goals

Increase Growth

Enhance Collaboration

Support Sustainability

Foster Innovation 
Exceed Expectations Every Day

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Management Philosophy

Vargas Group, Inc.'s management team believes that the best managers are leaders whose focus is on guiding their team to be positioned for success. To treat all employees equally and fairly. To utilize available resources responsibly and fully to achieve quality results every day and surpass goals. To maintain open and positive communications with our team, our vendors, and our client to build and nurture successful relationships that last a lifetime.

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